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Spring 2016

Autumn and its colors


1. Fashion Show - AUŠPIC

My name is Katka :-)

Ponchos as such have never gone out of fashion.  This iconic fashion piece, thanks to its practicality suits every woman. Regardless of her style or dress size. All depends from the occasion and the outfit. Ladies typically combine a poncho with relaxed-style-sexy-jeans but it can be also worn as a sophisticated outfit. Basically, the wider the poncho, the tighter the clothes underneath. The great advantage of this fashionable piece is that it fits any type of character as it can easily hide any imperfection if necessary. The major advantage of Kejty's poncho is its playfulness.

Our dear customers can chose individually any color combination that best matches his or her personality. Ladies, because the world is our playground, combine the colours as you like! Art & fashion are always a great combination.

Everyone tries to fill his or her life with happiness. For me happiness is my family, my great friends and all the people around me to whom I am thankful for their support. And of course happiness is my work that I trully enjoy doing. Happiness is a puzzle of small moments and one of these happy moments I am receiving through my work when I see the smiling faces of people who like my work with colors and appreciate my ideas. This makes it all worthwile to work so hard on this project and put all my energy and enthusiasm into it. If you like my ponchos, I would appreciate if you let me know your opinion about them. If you would like to buy a poncho for yourself or as a gift for your friend,  male or female, for your mother or sister, I am happy to create a poncho exactly to  wishes ...

I am wishing you happiness and please notice, THE WORLD IS FULL OF COLORS!

My poncho's fabric is called antipilling microfleece. Every single poncho is an unique design / designed by myself. It consists of 29 pieces sewn together. The fabric is purchased in limited quantities. The poncho can be worn from both sides but only the front side has also pockets. The poncho's price is 144.00 Euro including VAT, plus courier charge. Delivery time is between 14 and 20 days from the order day.